Welcome to Social & Health Care College, Herning

Social & Health Care College, Herning aims to educate and upgrade staff in the social and health care and educational areas in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and to ensure that our educations allow for future developments in society.

It is our vision to
provide food for thought every day
– give a fulfilling daily life to those 
who contribute to other people’s daily lives.

Education is at the core of our activities. We therefore have high professional ambitions and a strong sense of solidarity with respect to the educational work. Our close partnership with practical training places ensures that our students become attractive new employees and that they are given a thorough knowledge and understanding of the world they will be working in in the future.

Social & Health Care College, Herning is an educational institution for people who want to work with other people’s daily lives. Everyday life is the very basis of our existence. Our teaching is therefore based on the understanding that
– If you are active, you develop yourself
– If you are in dialogue, you create knowledge
– Working closely with other people requires attentiveness

The college’s international activities
With a global outlook we want the college to challenge and develop the students.

International programmes provide new perspectives and an occasion to reflect on the many choices faced by the college and the students every day.

Our interaction with the surrounding world inspires us to think creatively and find solutions to everyday challenges. We therefore believe that our group of international students makes the college stronger and that the college makes them better equipped to contribute to the Danish society.

Social & Health Care College, Herning wants our students to be able to and want to seek experience and challenges in a global job and education market. We therefore have close and binding partnerships abroad – which includes both school development and system export.

Our teachers have global competencies, which enhance the teaching.